Selling PDF Files – Make Money Selling PDF Documents Online

Selling PDFs: Do you have PDF file(s) you wish to sell? If you do then, this is the article for you!

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF file is a document that cannot be modified. Which means, if you wrote something in Microsoft word (or any program for that matter), and you intend to distribute your work without it being easily modifiable by anyone, a PDF document is what you need

To transform a Microsoft word document to a PDF file you need to save the Microsoft word file as PDF format. Just click the Office Button on the very top left hand corner of your Microsoft word screen. Then go to “Save As”, then choose to save the file as “PDF or XPS”.

Once you do that, the document you saved the file as will have a “.pdf” extension.

When a file has a “.pdf” extension, it basically means the file is now a PDF document, and whenever you click on it to open it, the program PDF Adobe Reader will be opened up to allow you to read it. Once a file has become a PDF Document, it cannot be easily modified!

So the question is, how can you sell a PDF file online?

Selling Downloads: The Process

The process of selling a PDF file online is the same as selling any other file.

(1). Try to zip the PDF file first so it has a “.zip” extension. This way, regardless of which browser customers use to download your PDF file, they will have no problems.

When customers purchase your PDF document, a prompt will come up on their screen. From that prompt, they can opt to download the zip file.

After the zip file has been downloaded and clicked upon, it will automatically open up and customers will be able to view the “.pdf” document that is inside of it.

Selling PDF Downloads: What you will need to begin the process

1. Have your own website

2. Have Unix Hosting for that website

3. Have A Business PayPal Account

4. A PayPal PHP Code

Selling PDF Downloads: Why do you need all of this?

To sell PDF files, you need all of the above. But why? The reasons are:

1. You need your own website because it is in your best interest to have one so you can upload your PDF files to it. This way you guarantee that no one gets your file (either by theft or whatever), without having paid for it.

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